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    The temporary bandage; Are medications truly good for you?

    The temporary bandage; Are medications truly good for you?

    The temporary bandage; Are medications truly good for you?

      Our society is so fast paced that many don’t have time to wait, or want to go through the steps of what healing the body entails.  We have come to the era of putting a bandage on the problem and not getting to the root cause of the problem.  Bandage meaning medications – is it doing more harm than good? Let’s explore this shall we?

    Medications, both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC), can be very helpful in some circumstances. And almost EVERYONE has taken some kind of medication over the course of a lifetime. Medications do have a positive side to them but are you aware of their dark side?

     The Dark Side

    While Medications are promoted to heal your body, you may not realize that they also add to the acidic environment decreasing your ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients. This acidic blood condition also reduces your body’s ability to repair damaged cells, to detoxify heavy metals, and even encourages growth of tumor cells.   Yes of course this is a serious! Medications that’s meant to make you better also harming you?

    People take medications for different reasons.  For some, it’s when they don’t feel well, for others it’s what they have known all their life – take a pill for every ill.   For short-term or long-term use there’s a drug for anything that ails you.  Be sure to read that little insert of caution or side effects that come along with taking medications.  Be aware!

    Is there a Balance?

    The Father of Modern Medicine Hippocrates (c. 460-377 B.C.)  – Said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.  His contributions to medicine include detailed observations of disease and its effects, and an understanding of how health is often influenced by diet, breakdowns in bodily processes, and the environment.

    So the balance is if you MUST take medications be sure to drink lots of alkaline water, eat what Mother nature provides from the earth – eat what’s in season, stay active and get some sun.

    Are you considered Normal if you don’t take medications?

    Yes of course you are considered normal.  If you’re eating healthy, eating foods grown from Mother Nature, the way the universe intended, drinking alkaline water or spring water – you will hardly ever get sick.  No one is perfect but when your conscious of what is right and how your body feels you won’t turn back.

    Personal Testimony – I wasn’t always the healthy eater – especially when just starting college.  I snacked a lot and my favourite food was cereal – one of those sugary cereals.  Believe me, I took that cereal daily, breakfast and dinner, snacks in between. When I started the core subjects of Nutrition that’s when my eyes opened to what I was doing to my body.  Immediately I became more aware, read labels more, ditched the cereal and snacks and started putting in wholesome foods – more fruits, smoothies and vegetables.  I felt more energetic, could concentrate on my studies more and knew my body was in a better space. So even if you’re not eating healthy at this moment, you can make a choice to.

    Don’t want until you’re sick to think about your health?  Don’t take things for granted.

    Simply changing what you eat and drink, plus adjusting your lifestyle to include sunlight, exercise, fresh air and a good night’s sleep, are superior and economical actions for recapturing your health if you have lost it.

    Sherese Ijewere

    Nutrition Consultant

    The Carib Health Team

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