Welcome to Caribbean Health & Nutrition

CARIBBEAN HEALTH AND NUTRITION is a service of Carib Health Limited, established in 2011. It was born from the desire and need to help people understand Health and Wellness, using Nutrition and the abundance of Mother Nature

Our Motto

Health is by choice...not by chance! The choice is yours

— Mrs Sherese Ijewere

Our Mission

To Reclaim Our Health and Create Wellness using natures abundance

— Dr Ijewere

Our Call

Nigerians, like most other peoples desire to be full of energy, productivity, longevity and without illness. Caribbean Health and Nutrition is called to offer a natural and healthy alternative to a healthier, more active, more productive longer life. Our focus is helping others understand what wellness is about. How it affects our bodies, our lives, and the lives of our loved ones.

What they say about us

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