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The radio program Wellness half-hour with Dr Patrick Ijewere, is about exploring Wellness from perspectives that give reverence to the source of our being. We build on the foundation of wellness as the nature of our being, and sickness as the foreign nature. And thus, what can we do practically in our daily lives to embrace our families and communities with Wellness, is our focus.

Ours is not to bore you with reductionist medical analysis, however to use medical understanding to strengthen our appreciation of Wellness as our nature. Wellness by nature is Holistic and Wholistic, thus, expect a wide range of discussions on our show.

The following is the fundamental premise to our approach to the wellbeing of the body and caring for our clients, including patients and mentees.

Before I became a Medical Doctor, I was gifted into this world into a Christian, Catholic home.

Our God is whole, perfect and complete. Our Bible teaches us this, and, that we are created in his image and likeness. So, we too are created whole, perfect and complete. Every good comes from God. So where does all this illness, sickness and disease come from? The answer, to a large degree, lies in the mirror. We have done it to ourselves.

Our Lord created perfection and balance, and we have created imbalance in so many ways, and daily, we are ignorantly or deliberately destroying the perfection.

There are five ways in which we create imbalance and thus illness in our divine temples.

  • Spiritually

  • Mentally or Mindset

  • Nutritionally

  • LifeStyle

  • Environment

During this show, we will explore issues with these five arenas.

Life is Journey of Knowledge……..and Journeys are more fun with others, than by yourself…..… Join us on the Wellness half-hour, every Sunday 1pm on Inspiration 92.3 fm, Lagos.

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Dr. Patrick Ijewere, B.Sc. Chem., B.Pharm., MD, MB
Specialty: Internal Medicine (Johns Hopkins University).
Director of Medical Services – Carib Health Ltd

  • Wellness Half hour with Dr. Patrick Ijewere Feb 4th, 2018

    • Inspiration 92.3 Fm
    Sunday : 1pm.
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